Legal Requirements

The Canada film and theatrical industries are required to comply with the regulation governing real firearms and replica firearms.

All productions wishing to rent real firearms or replica firearms are required to either have a props master with a valid Firearms Business License or hire a licensed gun wrangler to supervise any real firearms or replica firearms.

Mantis is licensed to provide real hand/long guns, replica hand/long guns, and shotguns. Mantis can also provide gun wrangling services and supervise blank firing scenes.

In Canada, firearms are classified: replica firearms / Airsoft guns / air guns / firearm

Replica Firearm:

A device looking like a firearm but cannot fire a projectile, or its projectile cannot cause serious bodily harm. Replica firearms are prohibited device (Most AEG’s and GBB pistols). Prohibited devices are not the same things as prohibited firearms.

Replica firearms are prohibited in Canada since 1998 Dec 1st (Bill C-68). Most Airsoft guns are classified as replicas if they are fully colored, because they look exactly like their real counter parts right down to the specific models. By Law, you can keep your replica firearms in possession without any permits or licenses, as long as you have acquired such replica firearm before 1998 December 1st (before they became prohibited). However any replica firearms that you have acquired after that date (from Canada or abroad) have supposedly some how entered the country illegally, or sold to you illegally. Ref: pcaf/fs-fd/replica-replique- eng.htm

Air Gun

A barrelled device NOT looking like a real firearm. Its projectile must not be able to cause serious bodily harm. (Daisy / Crosman airguns, and Airsoft guns with transparent or tinted transparent receivers)


A barrelled device firing a projectile able to cause serious bodily harm, for CBSA’s purpose, all firearms are deemed to be either un-controlled firearms, or controlled firearms:.

Un-Controlled: A firearm with muzzle velocity lower than 500 FPS and muzzle energy lower than 5.7 joules. There is no serial number, registration or license required to import / purcahse / own such an un-controlled firearm.

Controlled: A firearm with muzzle velocity of 500FPS or higher AND muzzle energy of 5.7 joules or higher. Serial number, Registration, Firearm Acquisition License are required to import / purchase and own any controlled firearms

  • Any firearm with full-auto capability is a PROHIBITED firearm.
  • A 0.2g 6mm Airsoft BB at 407FPS or higher is able to cause serious bodily harm.
  • An Airsoft gun is considered an uncontrolled firearm if (1) it shoots between 407 and 500fps with a 0.2g BB, and (2) is not able to or be easily converted to do fully automatic firing. (Most pre-upgraded single shot Airsoft sniper rifles)