Rules for Gun Handling

Mantis Rules for Gun Handling on Set by Actors or Background Performers

  1. Do not fool around! Pointing firearms at anyone (other than rehearsing) could possibly result in you being wrapped.
  2. Blanks can kill! Do not point at anyone directly within 15 feet. Putting a gun with blanks to your head will blow a piece of your skull into your brain.
  3. When the Director, Stunt Coordinator, Gun Wrangler, etc. yells, “cut”: (1) take your finger out of the trigger guard, and (2) point gun at the ground.
  4. Do not put your hands in front of the barrel. Do not put your hand on slides as they move with great force on some models when fired. They can break your fingers, hands, etc.
  5. Hot shells eject from semi-auto firearms. Be careful and mindful of who is to the right of you.
  6. If an actor crosses in front of you, within 10-15 feet, stop firing!
  7. Never point a gun at an actor/stunt performer’s face.
  8. If you are under the influence of any narcotic pain medicine, then tell the Gun Wrangler.
  9. Do not try to take guns apart, fold stocks, flip switches, push buttons, etc.! If you have a fake firearm, attempting this can break off parts.
  10. You must have ear protection; usually a foam earplug cut in half and placed in your ear so as not to be seen by the camera. Shooting without earplugs often causes hearing damage. All crew must wear eye and hearing protection.
  11. DO NOT DROP GUNS! The production is liable for any damage!
  12. Do not put objects in the barrels of guns as they can kill when blanks are fired.
  13. Plastic prop guns are fragile – treat them as such. Do not attempt to cock handles, push buttons etc. Light pulling of the trigger is OK.
  14. The Gun Wrangler is the boss when it comes to all guns on set. If you don’t follow the rules, you may be asked to leave the set.
  15. Always return the guns if you need to leave the set or if your scene is finished.